about this blog

A blog where you can find contemporary romance-teen fiction-and fanfiction stories.

About me,

Rinhee Hwang is a pen name.

You can call me Arielle. I’m a 22 year old vet medical student -graduate-, animals lover, blogger and sometimes writer living in Indonesia. In my free time I enjoy music, k-pop, gaming, travel and of course reading and writing. I’ve been writing since I was about 13 (because I want to create my own sappy -sad & happy- ending). Most of my stories I wrote when I was a teenager, so please leave me your comments to improve my writing skills. My works are only available on this blog and wattpad! (please let me know if you ever see my stories posted on any other sites).

I truly appreciate you who follow and always read, vote and comment on my works!

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  1. Ayako Jung berkata:

    Numpang promosi ya 😀

    Haii, kami dari THFI (Tiffany Hwang Fan Fictions Indonesia) sedang mencari Author dan Artworker. Berminat? Silahkan visit http://xolovestephiff.wordpress.com. Ditunggu partisipasinya ^^ *bow*

    Terimakasih ^^

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